Our Programme

IFD implements a range of activities including the following, with resources available, as cost effectively as possible:

Rural and Agricultural Development:

  1. Supporting sustainable activities that increase agricultural productivity and  incomes for rural farm households: value chains, high yielding varieties, new farm technologies.
  2. Supporting the growth of rural financial services to increase micro credit for farm investments, agri-businesses and small and medium scale agricultural enterprises.
  3. Promote access to markets for small scale farmers.

Environment Protection:

  1. Promoting environmental conservation and protection
  2. Supporting the development of renewable energy in rural areas

Social Development:

  1. Support water development.
    • Improving access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation services. These include sinking boreholes and expansion of pipe borne water supply, capacity building in water management, and provision of basic sanitation services and sanitary education.
  1. Promote Education and vocational training programmes as an investment to increase technical skills.
    • Promote primary education.
    • Promote school feeding programmes in primary schools
    • Assist the conduction of adult education programmes, training and extension services that provide the new technical skills in both the agricultural and non-agricultural sector.
  1. Support the development of primary health initiatives especially for women and children to gain access to health services;
  2. Promote the development of Information Technology for Development
  3. Promote social and cultural development initiatives

Support to communities affected by natural disasters and civil conflict :

  1. Provide where appropriate emergency supplies

Return of Immigrants:

  1. Support the voluntary return of economic migrants to their societies so they can engage in economic and social development activities.
    • Provide incentives for immigrants to return by providing targeted information on business and employment opportunities and by facilitating access to micro credit for the development of small enterprises;
    • Organize targeted return oriented technical and information awareness campaigns and training programmes;
    • Design targeted financially sustainable return projects.

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